The Better Giver – Dove Harbor

In this interview, Cherilyn Horning of Dove Harbor talks with Joe Clark from the Financial Enhancement Group about the services Dove Harbor brings to the Anderson community. Dove Harbor has been around for 26 years now, originally founded by a few college-aged women that saw a need in the area for a transitional home for women and their children escaping dangerous home situations. The founders observed that these women left their abusive homes only to enter another without a foreseeable way out. With the assistance of what was known as North Anderson Church of God at the time, Dove Harbor was born. Now, women and their children referred by DCS, probation officers, other shelters, or self-application can be in a safe place that offers social services with a Christian worldview for 6 to 12 months. How can you get involved in such an amazing undertaking? Watch the interview to find out!

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