Zaria Hodson

Title: Paraplanner
Credentials: Bachelors degree in Finance with a concentration in Financial Planning.
Family: I am engaged and will be getting married next September and have a cat named Topaz.
My Role: My role here is to help assist the lead advisors in family meetings and follow up with any actions that need to be taken care of. As the client’s point-of-contact, I assist with their service requests and help answer their questions.
Best Part of My Job: Beside the FEG team, the best part of my job is building relationships with families and being apart of helping them during their financial journey.
Hobbies & Interests: My favorite TV series is New Girl, I love the movie The Blind Side, my favorite vacation spot is anywhere with a beach, and my greatest achievement is graduating from college early with no debt!
Volunteer & Philanthropy: In college, I was apart of a sorority where I spent 3.5 years raising money for Breast Cancer Education and Awareness. Seeing the difference it made and volunteering for different events to raise money every year it brought me closer to the philanthropy and made me want to continue outside of college.

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