Angela Kaster

Angela Kaster

Title: Strategic Assistant

Name:  Angela Kaster

College Education/Credentials: Ball State University/Anderson University

What do you like to do with your spare time, Hobbies & Interests: Golf/Tennis/Kayak/Spend time with Family and Friends

What is your favorite(s) movie and/or tv series?  Game of Thrones (soon will have to find a new one)

What kind of music do you enjoy? Favorite song and/or musician/band? Van Morrison

What is your favorite book and/or podcast?  Anything by Joel Osteen

Do you enjoy playing games? What is your favorite?  Yes/Golden Girls Trivia Game

What is your Role at FEG?  I try to take care of Joe.

And what is the best part of your job?  When Joe is happy.

Why did you get into this business?  It is good, hard work, and something to be proud of.