One of the biggest stumbling blocks for investors is actually tripping over their own two feet. As humans we are driven by our emotions, however, this drive can wreak havoc on the potential long-term growth of a portfolio.

Our Approach

At Financial Enhancement Group we strive to manage assets using an evidence-based approach. By employing a multi-faceted strategy that involves the fundamental characteristics of individual companies, technical analysis of price movement, demographic trends, and shifts in institutional ownership we are able to manage risk and help grow our families’ assets.

Each of our families’ accounts are in one of several investment models that range from Aggressive Growth to Capital Preservation. By using multiple models with a tax efficient focus, we are able to better manage risk and know exactly what investments each of our families own.

Our Responsibility

Understanding the fees paid for an investment is a critical step in progressing in your financial journey. We believe mutual funds, while more popular among many investors, often charge fees that are above what we deem appropriate for our families. By using individual stocks and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) we are able to better focus our strategies to minimize fees paid by our families and hone in on the specific areas of the market while at the same time increasing investor transparency.

Our Goal

Our objective as asset managers is to help our families meet their goals, whether they be for retirement, college, philanthropy, or other passions and endeavors, not to simply ‘beat’ an arbitrary index. It’s our belief that seeking control of risk is much more important than shooting for the stars. Our outlook is often for the long-term that can involve multiple business cycles and stretches beyond rudimentary year-to-year returns.

Our Independence

As an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) we are able to comb the investment universe in search for the right holdings that make the best sense from a risk management perspective for our families. We do not have any loyalties to specific fund families, banks or other investment firms. Our loyalty lies with the families we work for and we invest their assets with the highest of intentions.

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