Get Smart About
Your Retirement


A 6 day,  confidence building journey to help you navigate several financial areas full of complexity and confusion.


This will be fun and educational for you, but also beneficial to your favorite Charity!


For completing the challenge, we are donating $49 on your behalf to your favorite charity. The grand prize graduate gets to direct $1,000 to a single charity. There will be bonus charitable awards daily.


Join the challenge! Get clear about your choices. Sign up today and get the details! The Get Smart About Your Retirement Challenge starts May 14th and ends May 19th.

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You don't have to love finances

You just need to be sure your plan is solid.

Whether you take care of this on your own or have a fiduciary, get the answers you need to know!


Come as you are!

We’re here to have fun as we cover topics!

Understanding how much you really need to retire, how to pay less to the IRS overtime, getting this right the first time – there are no retirement do-overs.


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