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July 25, 2014

Beat the market or meet your goals?

By Joe Clark for The Herald Bulletin

Goals are a beautiful thing. A mythical Harvard study claimed that a graduating class from 20 years past was asked if they had set goals upon graduation. Allegedly, only 20 percent of the alums responded affirmatively, and less than 10% of that group had put their goals in writing.

The legend said that the 20 percent of alums with goals had more wealth than the other 80 percent and the ones who wrote out their goals had far more wealth than the others.

True or not, my experience tells me that goals – especially when written down – undoubtedly serve as catalysts for success. However, danger arises when a goal does not properly focus on the long term result you expect.....

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July 18, 2014

Who's helping support the U.S. housing market?

By Joe Clark for The Herald Bulletin

There is an old adage in the farm world that says you can only buy land when others are willing to sell. The same is true for iconic buildings and even businesses.

Recently we have heard chatter of foreign investment in our country and that seems to concern inquiring minds. Apparently some minds are especially concerned when the buyers are from China....

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July 11, 2014

Welcome to earnings report season

By Joe Clark for The Herald Bulletin

This weekend kicked off earnings report season for publicly held companies. Alcoa is often the first to report in the Dow Jones Industrial Average and this quarter’s report was a surprise to the upside. That’s good. But who exactly was surprised?.... 

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