Your Current Advisor Probably Hasn’t
Told You...
Your Investments Are
Only 1/5 of the Equation

It’s always been true, but even more so today, in these volatile economic times. There is more to bear on your ability to retire than just your total asset performance.

To protect your wealth and your dreams of life after work, you absolutely MUST have a strategy for all 5 of retirement’s critical elements.

That’s why we invite you to

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Financial Enhancement Group’s
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Why You Should Attend:

  • If the 30% or more of your savings earmarked for the IRS matter to you...
  • If you think your IRA or 401k is truly tax-free...
  • If you want your children, and not the government, to be your beneficiaries...
  • If you wonder how you’ll actually make the transition away from a steady paycheck...
  • If you have your doubts about Social Security...
  • If you have any doubts at all about your plan...

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Even if you already have a financial advisor…

This workshop is for you.

What’s your tax strategy?

Does your advisor ever ask about your insurance profile?

Do you have an estate plan?

Don’t miss this opportunity to make your retirement plan more robust!

What You Will Learn:

Contrary to what “they” tell you, there is no “magic number.” It’s time to see retirement planning in a completely new way.

Unlike anything else you’ll experience with other financial advisors, Financial Enhancement Group’s Family Focus® Plan Workshop will dial you into all 5 of retirement planning’s critical elements.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Begin formulating a tax plan for retirement
  • Integrate a risk management strategy with your portfolio
  • Prepare for life issues you never thought could affect your retirement
  • Avoid common, but often devastating, family inheritance pit falls
  • Leave more than just money to your children and favorite charities
  • And, yes, make sense of the Wall Street roller coaster

Plus, get FREE insight regarding 401ks, IRAs, rollovers and other essential financial planning topics!

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 About Your Speaker:

Joseph A. Clark, is managing partner of Financial Enhancement Group LLC which serves over 500 families in 25 states.  Joe is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Registered Financial Consultant (RFC) and has over 20 years in the financial services industry.  He is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Purdue University where he teaches the capstone course for Financial Planning.  He is known through-out Indiana for his weekly radio show, "Consider This With Big Joe Clark," his weekly newspaper columns, and has made numerous appearances on CNBC and Fox Business News.  The Financial Enhancement Group, LLC is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a Registered Investment Advisor and has offices in Lafayette, Anderson, Indianapolis and Rensselaer.

There is never a fee or obligation in sitting down with Joe and asking a question.


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