5 Critical Elements

Over more than 15 years we’ve fine-tuned our process for helping families prepare for retirement. We’ve developed a trademarked approach called the Family Focus® Process which revolves around 5 Critical Elements we believe are the cornerstones to a successful retirement. Our process is client-focused, simple, and is dynamic as your needs and goals change.

Your Life After Work

The families FEG works with look forward to a day where they no longer work for financial resources but to live a life that intrigues, excites, and fulfills their personal objectives. For some this is leaving the workforce all together, but for many of our clients it simply implies changing how they live their lives on a daily basis. Understanding the best and most tax-efficient method of drawing income in retirement can have far-reaching implications for both you and future generations.

Our job is to help you transition from one phase of life to the next with the least amount of financial stress and confusion. Want to learn more? Watch this video!

Tax Planning

The families we work with all engage in tax preparation activities where the IRS receives the required “scorecard” each April along with the bounty they collect. We believe it’s incredibly important to not ignore the implications taxes have when planning for retirement. Our investment team manages our clients’ assets with tax repercussions in mind and uses multiple strategies to best capitalize on current tax policy.

We work to maximize our results by minimizing your tax exposure today and tomorrow.

Investment Playbook

Our clients understand that the Financial Enhancement Group is legally bound to treat our clients’ money as if it were our own and we were in the same situation. We are legal fiduciaries and we take that role very seriously. We work to design the correct investment playbook by making sure your assets are in the right portfolios for your goals and expectations as well as your needs. We are adaptive to change as your personal needs evolve and we are able to take the appropriate actions to keep your investments in-line with your risk tolerance.

To learn more about our investment philosophy please click here.

Risk Management & Life Issues

As our clients know, life happens and there are certain risks that cannot be avoided. It’s our job as your financial advisor to make sure you are aware of possible roadblocks in your financial journey and offer potential solutions. We must make certain the hard earned assets that you have as well as the income you require to maintain your standard of living are properly protected. Whether it be the decision to help a child or grandchild with college tuition, the growing need to assist a parent with long-term care, or the financial impact of purchasing a second home.

We stand ready to help explore various options and resolutions, making sure you know you’re not alone.

Legacy Planning

You have worked hard not only to build wealth but also to build memories. The families we work with want to make sure their assets are properly respected while they are being used for their own needs as well as their financial heirs. Financial Enhancement Group works diligently to make sure assets are properly titled, properly owned, and prepared for simplicity of transfer when the time is right.

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